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 Chromatic Typewriter Prints

Tyree Callahan has recycled (or upcycled, perhaps) a classic 1937 Underwood typewriter by replacing letters with sponges soaked across the spectrum with bright yellows, reds, blues and combinations thereof.

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This is Brittany and Sadie, the two beautiful ladies in my life.I don’t know exactly where I’m trying to go with this post, but i felt the need to share what a wonderful companion Brittany is for me to have. Through out my whole life and relationships i have always asked just one simple thing, to be treated right and talked to with respect, i honestly dont think that was much to ask from anyone, but time and time again I had been treated like shit. That being from friends, family, and partners. Brittany goes above and beyond treating me right, words cannnot describe how thankful i am to have her in my life. She keeps a constant smile on my face and fills me with such positive feelings, lots of love. I have been super sick for the past 4 days and she has done nothing but take care of me, get me stuff when i needed it, bought me lots of medicine, made sure i had everything to make me feel as good as i could. People will say [thats what she was suppose to do or whatever] but that isnt why SHE did it, She did it because she genuinely cares about my well being and it hurts her heart to see me feeling like that. i couldnt have asked or imagined anyone more wonderful than her to have in my life. She is the purest, most beautiful, truely loveable person i have ever come to meet and I wouldnt trade her presence in my life for anything. J’adore tu brittany!! <3I really do love and appreciate you. 1 year ago with 3 notes

Holy fucking christ this is powerful
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